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In 1952, at the first World Humanist Congress, the founders of IHEU agreed a statement of the fundamental principles of modern Humanism. They called it “The Amsterdam Declaration”. The Amsterdam Declaration of 1952 was a child of its time. For example, it was set in the world of great power politics and the Cold War, and it asserted that “humanists have confidence that the present crisis can be surmounted”.

As befits the nature of Humanism — friendly to evolution, anathema to dogma — the statement was updated in 2002. The 50th anniversary World Humanist Congress in 2002, again meeting in the Netherlands, unanimously passed a resolution known as “The Amsterdam Declaration 2002″. Following the Congress, this updated declaration was adopted unanimously by the IHEU General Assembly, and thus became the official defining statement of World Humanism.

Amsterdam Declaration 2002

Humanism is the outcome of a long tradition of free thought that has inspired many of the world’s great thinkers and creative artists and gave rise to science itself.

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 I always say that everyone has a story worth telling.  Yet, somehow when it comes to myself I feel that I am rather unremarkable.  However, I will try and convey some of my character as best as I can. I am a mother of one and granny to two, and for some reason I am referred to by my grandchildren as Crazy granny Anna!  



Humanist Marriages have been legal within Scotland since 2005, and they have been increasing in numbers year on year since that time. As a Celebrant with the Caledonian Humanist Association, I am authorised by the Registrar General of Scotland to conduct legal weddings and civil partnerships.  



The loss of a loved one is without doubt, amongst the most difficult and distressing of experiences.  A Humanist ceremony can be a way in which you can mark the event in a sensitive and meaningful way that celebrates the life of the deceased, and acknowledges how your own lives have been touched by them.



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